Nintendo Announces New Switch Model

This morning, Nintendo announced a brand new Switch model. Unfortunately named Nintendo Switch (OLED Model), the new version of the console has a host of new features.

To begin with, the new console upgrades the Switch’s screen. While the console itself will be similar in size to other versions of the Switch, it will have a 7-inch OLED screen. The new screen will not only provide a larger viewing area, but also vibrant colours and crisp contrast for handheld players. Additionally for handheld and tabletop players, the new Switch comes with enhanced audio.

In regard to storage capacity, the Switch (OLED) will feature 64 gb of internal storage. For comparison, the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite contain only 32 gb. While this is still far from the storage capacity of other modern consoles, the additional space will no doubt be appreciated by fans.

Smaller additions to the new console include a wider adjustable stand and new dock which includes a wired LAN port. The new adjustable stand allows players to position the console on table tops to increase viewing angles. The upcoming dock’s wire LAN port provides a new way for players to play online when the console is docked.

However, don’t expect any major performance gains. While this is definitely a new Switch model, it isn’t the “Nintendo Switch Pro” that has been rumoured since early June. Simply put, despite all the new additions, Nintendo has not upgraded the system’s chip. Nonetheless, a larger and more vibrant screen is a nice new feature.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) launches on October 8, 2021. Its arrival coincides with the launch of Metroid Dread, the latest 2D entry in the franchise. At launch, the new Switch will come in two colours. You can pick up the classic Neon Red/Neon Blue scheme or the brand new White version. Interestingly, the White variant also includes a white dock.

On the financial side of things, the OLED Switch won’t necessarily break the bank either. Its estimated retail price is $349.99.

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