Silent Hill Fans In A Frenzy After A Konami Shop Tweet

No, the Official Konami Shop isn’t teasing a new Silent Hill.

Yesterday, the Official Konami Shop took to Twitter and teased the arrival of Silent Hill merchandise. An image accompanying the tweet showed famous antagonist, Pyramid Head, standing in front of the Halo of the Sun symbol. The design, rendered in red and black over a grimy background, took inspiration from multiple entries in the franchise.

While the image clearly sports the Konami Shop’s name and logo, that didn’t stop fans of the series from speculating about the tweet’s meaning.

One notable fan theory states that the font used to write “Silent Hill” in the image uses sections of the title fonts from the first four games. As such, the belief is that the image is teasing the fifth entry in the series, despite the fact that 2007’s Origins is the fifth instalment.

Another theory is that the title is slightly off-centre, which means a letter is missing. What letter could that be? According to the theory, it’s the letter “s”, for Silent Hills. Fans will remember that, prior to its cancellation, Silent Hills was a new entry in the series developed by Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions. Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus also had a huge involvement in the project.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that Konami is working on a new Silent Hill. At this point, it’s simply the company’s gear store adding new merchandise to its lineup.

In other words, we have to wait for an official announcement from Konami in regard to any new entries in the Silent Hill franchise. And to be clear, it’s highly unlikely that any tease or announcement will come from the publisher’s gear shop.

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