Hunt The Night Revealed During Guerrilla Collective

Moonlight Studios revealed their upcoming game, Hunt the Night, during the Guerrilla Collective Showcase.

The retro-style action adventure-game combines dark fantasy with fast and skilled gameplay. As Vesper, a member of The Stalkers, players will explore the vast world of Medhram. Ancient cathedrals and devastated floating cities are just some of the locales you will visit during the adventure.

Hunt the Night will feature “hunts” in which you will need to track down and kill the most powerful creatures of the night. In return for your effort, you’ll be rewarded with powerful new items.

Survival will depend on your skills, but also on upgrading your equipment and abilities. The upgrade system will allow players to customize Vesper to suit their style of gameplay.

  • Hunt the Night
  • Hunt the Night
  • Hunt the Night

Meanwhile, the game features and immersive soundtrack from composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana) which adapts to every moment.

Although there is no release window, Hunt the Night will be available on PC and you can wishlist the game now. Console releases are planned for the future.

Check out the reveal trailer here:

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