Hell Architect Lets You Build Your Personal Hell

Hell Architect is a sim game that puts you in charge of designing Hell.

As the architect, it is your job to build prisons for the sinners and lost souls condemned to eternal damnation. However, building isn’t everything. Hell is a “tightly run ship” and “you must devise the most creative ways to squeeze as much suffering as you can out of the sinners who will be spending eternity in this hot spot.” To make your way up the corporate ladder, you will have to impress the most notorious devils in Hell. They will evaluate “your hard work as well as your sense of aesthetics and thriftiness.”

Here are some of the features of Hell Architect

  • Create the Hell of your dreams: Flex your creative muscles to design, build and furnish 9 infamous levels of Hell in the single player campaign mode, or spend a hellish eternity designing your own chaotic masterpiece from scratch in sandbox mode.
  • If you build it, they will suffer: Begin with basic buildings like power stations (yup they need those in Hell too!) and canteens for your hungry workers and expand your empire to include shrines and intricate torture contraptions to increase the level of suffering for your weary residents. 
  • Management is key: Harvesting resources, building an infrastructure and expanding your Hell will be key in your success. A constant stream of new lost souls will provide more hands to use, but will require managing to keep them working. 
  • Crack the whip: Treat the sinners sent to your humble abode to different fun (or not so fun) sources of suffering, be it punishing them for disobedience or just for fun. Your Hell, your choices. 
  • Hell never looked so good: The stylish 2D art style perfectly blends with the brutal, gorey themes and is topped off with outstanding dark humour.
  • Guest appearances: Play as Legendary Characters, a motley crew of history’s most despicable sinners who drop into your domain, each possessing special abilities to help build your devilish masterpiece.

If you’re interested in giving the game a try, you can head to its Steam page and download the prologue.

Developed by Woodland Games and published by Leonardo Interactive, Hell Architect will be released for PC via Steam this summer.

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