Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Rating For Xbox

The ESRB has officially rated Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series consoles. According to the ESRB posting, the game is rated E and is described as follows: “This is a flight simulation game in which players can engage in a variety of flying challenges in several locations. Players can select various aircraft, create training programs, and design flight plans.”

This comes just two weeks before Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase on June 13. In other words, it bodes well for a release date announcement. The game was announced for the Xbox Series X/S in December, with a confirmed release window of Summer 2021. However, there has been no tangible news or release date announced since then.

Furthermore, a recent update to the game reduced its file size by nearly half. It went from a whopping 170 GB to about 80 GB. The size reduction will no doubt help the inevitable Series X/S release, especially given the relatively limited amount of storage space available on the consoles’ SSD.

One thing is for sure, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on Xbox Game Pass the moment it launches.

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