Nintendo Switch Pro Details Apparently Leaked

For at least the last year, rumours about an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch have been rampant. It seems as if there is a new leak or theory every week. Now, a report from Wired Up claims that a trustworthy source had access to information from a Chinese hardware manufacturer.

According to their source, the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro will sport an OLED screen, a Surface-style stand, and will come with a new dock. The leaked information claims that the OLED screen will be 7 inches, while the JoyCons will be approximately the same size as the current ones. Speaking of JoyCons, the leak states that the new Switch will retain support for the current controllers.

The dock is purported to be thinner and to contain two USB 3.0 ports. Most importantly, it will reportedly be able to output 4k resolution.

It seems that the release date is scheduled for November in Europe, but could be earlier elsewhere. Consumers should expect limited quantities and a challenge to get their hands on one.

Of course, this is all still deep in the realm of rumours. As such, take these leaks with a grain of salt. While it is almost a guarantee that Nintendo is working on a new console, we will have to wait for official confirmation on their part.

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