Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Reveal: What We Learned

Fans of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series have just seen 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. What is the takeaway from the gameplay reveal?

First of all, the game looks gorgeous. Captured entirely on PlayStation 5, the footage featured a mix of gameplay and cinematics. The emphasis was certainly on gameplay, as actual cinematics were few and far between. However, whenever a cutscene shifted into gameplay, it did so seamlessly.

Regarding the game’s visuals, a special note should be taken of the breathtaking view of the decaying Golden Gate Bridge.

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

Tools of The Trade

Horizon Forbidden West features many tools and mechanics that will come into play as Aloy continues her quest to stop the Blight. For example, the Focus Scanner can be used to highlight environmental elements that can be climbed. The Pullcaster, which is effectively a grappling hook, can be used to speed up climbing. And once you get up high, you can use the Shieldwing to safely glide down. Not only does it help to avoid damage when falling from heights, it can also be used as a traversal tool. Once Aloy is water, she can use the diving mask to stay submerged indefinitely. Machines can be overridden and used as mounts to traverse terrain quickly, but they can also help in a fight.

The key takeaway from these tools and mechanics is quite clear. Horizon Forbidden West will give players everything they need to succeed, but it will be up to them to decide how they want to tackle obstacles.

Combat Is Not Forbidden

When push comes to shove and combat is unavoidable, Aloy has the weapons and the skills to overcome her enemies.

Her spear is the main melee combat option. It offers a variety of combos. It can also be charged to create a high damage effect, something that the footage showed off very clearly.

She will also have access to a slingshot that shoots adhesive grenades to stall machines. Her bow can fire explosive arrows to strip enemy armour. A launcher that fires spikes can be used when a harder-hitting solution is required. And if all else fails, Aloy can pick up weapons that have been shot off from machines during a fight.

Of course, the reveal only gave us a glimpse of what is available in the game. Notably, weapons will be upgradeable via workbenches.

Overall, combat in Horizon Forbidden West promises to be engaging and challenging. Most of all, it will reward players for their tactics, creativity, and skill.

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

Unfortunately, the reveal ended without any information regarding the game’s release date. For the time being, fans will have to wait a little longer for that info. At least the gameplay footage can keep them going.

Speaking of which, you can watch the entire gameplay reveal right here:

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