Old School RuneScape Adds Clan Support

Old School RuneScape now officially supports clans.

Jagex launched the long-awaited update today. Alongside the launch, it will host a player livestream on Twitch tomorrow at 5 PM BST.

The Clans Update also adds a new Clan Hub. Located in a corner of the Grand Exchange, it is a dedicated location for all things clan-related. Players will visit the Hub to form, find, and manage clans. As of this update, organizations can support up to 500 players.

Overall, clans work exactly as you would think. Members can be assigned ranks within an organization’s hierarchy. Ranks can be military-styled or renamed using RuneScape-themed names, such as ore tier and gem tier. Furthermore, Clan Halls serve as private areas for members to kick back in. Halls can also be opened for guests.

“Clans are instrumental in bringing players together to create compelling and wholesome stories to tell. Today’s Clans update provides the perfect opportunity for every Old School RuneScape player to develop existing relationships, build new ones, and share exciting experiences with like-minded individuals in our amazing community,” said Rob Hendry, Executive Producer.

Launched on PC in 2013, Old School RuneScape continues to remain popular and relevant. It is also available on iOS and Android devices.

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