Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 North Star Information

Rainbow Six Siege will have plenty of new content for the second season of Year 6, also known as North Star. Ubisoft revealed that its popular shooter will get a brand new operator, as well as a series of other updates.

The new operator, codename Thunderbird, is a defender with low armour and high speed. In terms of her loadout, players can select the SPEAR .308 assault rifle or SPAS-15 shotgun as a primary. Her secondaries include the BEARING 9 machine pistol and Q-929 handgun. Her unique gadget is the Kóna Healing Station which, as the name implies, will heal any nearby teammate or enemy. It should be noted that the healing effect also applies to players who are in a downed state.

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In addition, a reimagined version of the Favela map will arrive with the new season. The revamped map will include rooms, a better map overview, and improved navigation. Overall, Ubisoft’s goal is to help players navigate the map more easily.

On Test Servers as of May 25, Rainbow Six Siege diehards will be able to test two new features: a revamped armour system and activities after death. Simply put, player’s armour will be converted into additional health. The goal of the change is to give players better “visibility on their armour’s impact.” Post-death activities will include attackers being able to control their drones and some defenders, notably Maestro, Echo, and Mozzie, being able to use their gadgets while dead. These changes will impact gameplay in a big way and will be restricted to Test Servers while Ubisoft collects player feedback.

Finally, Ubisoft also provided a short list of other changes. These include:

  • Scoreboard 2.0;
  • New corpse icons;
  • Bullet holes fix;
  • Operator balancing (Melusi, Mira, and Maestro tweaks, as well as Gas Propagation rework).

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