Prison Architect: Second Chances – Rehab Is Key

During May 21st‘s PDX Con Remixed showcase, Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven announced a new expansion for Prison Architect. Called Second Chances, the expansion focuses on prisoner rehabilitation and reduced sentences.

Gaz Wright, Games Design Manager at Double Eleven, states that inmate rehabilitation “in Prison Architect is something we have wanted to explore for a while, but we needed to research how to do it properly first.”

Therefore, the expansion will have various programs dedicated to inmate rehabilitation. The programs will include socialization with civilians as well as classes on peaceful conflict resolution. Inmates who show positive changes will be eligible for reduced sentences. However, repeat offenders will negatively impact Wardens. Players will need to carefully implement and oversee their programs.

With this expansion, the development team is striving for realism. “The programs in this expansion have been implemented in correctional facilities around the world and have started to see real results,” adds Wright. While realism is important, Wright points out that the game will retain “the signature style players have come to expect.”

Prison Architect: Second Chances‘ key features include:

  • Return to Reform: Non-work programs, such as Animal Therapy, Meet & Greet, and Former Prisoner Classes can remove an inmate’s negative traits and see improved behaviours;
  • Good Behaviour: Inmates can have their sentences reduced or increased based on their actions and reoffenders can now be sent back to prison. Players will be fined for each reoffender;
  • Room for Improvement: Inmates with existing or earned work credentials can become vendors to both prisoners and visitors in inmate-run rooms, including a Bakery, Restaurant and Therapy Room;
  • Back to Society: Inmates can earn work credentials through experience partaking in different work and training programs.

Prison Architect: Second Chances launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 16. The Nintendo Switch version will launch on June 29.

Meanwhile, you can watch the announcement trailer here:

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